Tribal Areas will be Illuminated by the Sun, Solar Power Plants being Set Up in Kinnaur-Lahul-Bharmour

Preparation to Include Himachal's Small Projects in the Solar Park Scheme

Himachal has taken a step towards a green state with the help of snow energy. It has started from the tribal areas. Solar power plants are being set up in remote areas with an initial budget of about three and a half crores. Under the Tribal Sub-Plan, these areas are being connected to the electricity system.

The Snow Energy Department is engaged in illuminating 905 houses under the Tribal Sub Plan in Kinnaur, Lahaul-Spiti, and Bharmour in the Chamba district. These houses are away from the road and in snowfall-prone areas.

Just before the snowfall, the Snow Energy Department had started work on this scheme worth about Rs 3.5 crore.
So far, 250-watt power plants have been installed in about 50 percent of the houses.

These houses have been selected through the state government. The MLAs of the concerned area were entrusted with the responsibility of selection.

Earlier, Snow Energy Department has set up similar plants at Bada Bhangal in Kangra and Shakti, Maraud, and Shuad in Kullu.


Him Energy Department has provided electricity to 168 families in remote areas of Kangra, while 250-watt off-grid solar plants have been installed in 58 households in Kullu.

Now, through Him Urja, solar plants are being set up at a cost of Rs 1.45 crore in Kinnaur, Rs 90 lakh in Lahaul, Rs 85 lakh in Spiti, and Rs 30 lakh in Bharmour.

There is a power crisis in these areas for four to five months in a year. The initial cost of this project was estimated at Rs 3.5 crore.

On the other hand, Rahul Kumar, CEO of Snow Energy Department told that connections are being made in Kinnaur, Lahaul-Spiti, and Bharmour. The list of beneficiaries is ready.

After the snowfall, the process of installing solar power plants in these houses will start fast. After this, a proposal will be prepared for the second phase as well.

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