Exemption of Solar Projects from Land Ceiling, Government has Placed Amendment Bill in Assembly

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After the announcement of Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu to make Himachal Pradesh a green state, the state government has taken a major decision regarding solar power projects.

It has been decided to exempt land sealing for these projects. In fact, the Land Ceiling Act has already given exemption for hydropower projects.

Solar projects were not included in this, whereas land is also required for solar projects. The maximum limit for holding land is fixed under the Land Ceiling Act applicable in Himachal. Only 10 hectares of land that can give two crops can be kept.

If the land is going to give one crop, then a person can hold only up to 15 hectares of land. In other circumstances, 30 acres is the maximum limit, while in Bharmour and Bada Bhangal and Chhota Bhangal, Dodar Kawar of Shimla and Pargana fifteen-twenty of Rampur up to 70 acres of land can be kept.

Exemption of solar projects from land ceiling, government placed amendment bill assembly

To keep more land than this, it is necessary to get an exemption under the Act. The repeatedly stated reasons for keeping this bill in the Vidhansabha have been that to fulfill the goal of making Himachal a green state, it is necessary to exempt solar projects from land ceiling.

On Wednesday itself, the state government has placed a bill in the Vidhansabha to amend the Land Ceiling Act.

The Word ‘Adult Daughter’ will be Added in Section-3 and 4 of the Act

The state government wants to make changes in two or three sections of the Land Ceiling Act. Its main purpose is to give daughters the right to keep land as per the limit given in the Land Ceiling Act.

For this, the word ‘adult daughter’ is being added in Section-3 and 4 of the Act. Daughters mean both married and unmarried.

However, according to the revenue records, this amendment does not have much practical effect. Because the Act cannot be implemented from the previous date and the scope of land selling has already been fixed if done from the next date, but the second part of this amendment has the name of solar projects.