500 routes of HRTC stalled due to rain, wheels of vehicles stopped due to the closure of roads

Bus passes for college students will now be made online

Shimla: Due to heavy rains in Himachal, normal life has again come out of gear. More than 400 roads including two NH have been closed in the state. Due to the closure of these roads, the traffic system has completely collapsed.

According to the information received from HRTC management, more than 500 routes of HRTC have been affected across the state. Bus service has stopped on these routes.

HRTC plays the role of public transport in most areas of the state, but due to the closure of more than 500 routes, people are facing difficulties in commuting.

In the last month, HRTC is unable to provide services on all routes. Due to this where people are facing problems, on the other hand the loss of HRTC is also increasing day by day.

While the common people are facing problems due to HRTC buses getting stuck in various areas of the state, HRTC is also facing loss of lakhs of rupees every day.

500 routes HRTC stalled due to rain

According to the information received from the HRTC management, the damage caused to bus stands and workshops due to the disruption of services in various areas and rains has crossed 20 to 25 crores.

HRTC has not been able to emerge from losses since the Kovid period. At present, the total loss of HRTC is said to be more than 1355 crores.

On the one hand, while the government and HRTC management are making plans to get HRTC out of losses, on the other hand, the disaster in Himachal has increased the difficulties of HRTC.

Government-issued advisory

Avoid traveling at night in areas where roads are not suitable, use low beam (fog) lights while driving

Get out of the house only when there is urgent work during the rain
avoid unnecessary travel
stay away from rivers and streams

Alternate arrangement for Delhi-Chandigarh

The Shimla-Kalka highway has been closed again at Chakki Mor. In such a situation, HRTC has identified alternative routes for Delhi-Chandigarh.

HRTC Managing Director Rohan Chand Thakur said that buses will leave for Delhi via Nahan after 5 pm on Sunday.

Apart from this, buses going from Shimla to Chandigarh-Una will go to Chandigarh via Kunihar Rameshwar Siswan. This system will remain in place till Chakki Mor opens and traffic is restored.

Operation of buses on 3600 routes

At present the condition is that HRTC is dependent on the government for the pension of the employees and pensioners. HRTC has to take an amount of Rs 69 crore from the government every month for the salary of the employees and the pension of the pensioners. HRTC operates buses on a total of 3600 routes across the state.