Bilaspur Borders Closed from Today, Truck Operators of Barmana took Collective Decision against Adani group

Cement company accepted demands of truck operators

Even after 64 days of lockout of ACC Cement Factory Barmana, the patience of the truck operators has broken due to no conclusion of the issue.

Everyone has unanimously decided that the boundaries of Bilaspur district will be sealed from Friday, under which no truck carrying cement will be able to enter the state border from outside states.

In this context, BDTS has also informed the Deputy Commissioner in writing. Also requested to open the lockout of the factory as soon as possible. This decision has been taken in the meeting at Barmana on Thursday.

In a written letter submitted by BDTS Pradhan Rakesh Thakur Rocky to the Deputy Commissioner, it has been said that the deadlock between the Adani group and the truck operators is going on for the last 64 days, but there is no result even after several talks with the Adani group mediated by the state government.

truck operators Barmana took collective decision against Adani group

The Adani group is not giving up its stubbornness, due to which the truck operators are facing huge financial losses every day. There is a crisis of livelihood in front of the truck operators involved in the transportation work in the factory.

The letter also states that ACC Cement Company has been closed by Adani Group with effect from December 14, 2022. Today, 64 days have passed since we have been protesting, but till now no hearing is being held anywhere.

That’s why all the transporter friends have decided that from Friday onwards all the borders of Bilaspur district will be sealed, in which no truck will bring any kind of goods to Bilaspur district.

The Deputy Commissioner has also been urged to open this lockout as soon as possible, so that the crisis facing the truck operators can end.

According to BDTS head Rakesh Thakur Rocky, the meeting with the Adani group mediated by the CM in Shimla did not yield any result. Although the government is on the side of the operators and is trying to resolve the issue through continuous talks, the Adani group is adopting its stubborn attitude.

Not only this, the haulage rate has recently been increased to Rs 10.71 by UltraTech Company. When Ultratech company is increasing the freight rate, then why not ACC and Ambuja. In such a situation, the operators are left with no option but to fight a very decisive battle.

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