Himachal Assembly Budget Session: Ban on holidays in the Education Department from 5th to 29th February


Shimla: Due to the fifth session (budget session) of the Fourteenth Legislative Assembly, holidays have been banned in the Education Department from 5 to 29 February. Due to the budget session starting from February 14, the Directorate of Higher and Elementary Education on Wednesday to ban the proposed holidays and tours of officers and employees.

Officers and employees working under them can also be called during other holidays including Sundays. Officers will have to be present in the office from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

The department has asked to answer all the questions related to the education department in the assembly soon. The Directorate of Education has ordered all concerned officers that answers to all questions related to the department should be ready during the budget session. Officials should have all kinds of information.

It has been said that at least one officer in every branch of the department should be in the office every day at 8:30 am during this period. Officers will have to be present in the office till 8:00 pm.

Orders have been given to cancel the leave of the Additional Director, Joint Director, all Deputy Directors, Principals of all Government Colleges, Commander NCC and Chief Librarian Central State Library Solan, all Deputy Directors of Elementary Education, Principal Diet.

The staff working under these officers will also not get leaves. How many posts of different categories of employees are created in the department? How many posts are vacant? How many posts have been filled? How many schools and colleges did the officers of the directorate inspect? How many new schools and colleges were opened? What is the status of various schemes of the government? This information has been sought.