Collision between school bus and Scorpio vehicle in Pandoh, Mandi

Collision between school bus and Scorpio vehicle Pandoh, Mandi

Noble International Public School bus (HP 65 5280), carrying school children, collided with a Scorpio (HP 01 M 3208) parked on the roadside near Sambal adjacent to Pandoh in Mandi district.

Five school children have been injured in this accident while the rest of the children are completely safe. The condition of the injured children is also said to be normal. More than 25 children were traveling in the bus at the time of the accident.

Eyewitness Narendra Kumar said that the bus suddenly went out of control and collided with the Scorpio and dragged it for a long distance. The children were injured in the accident and were also bleeding.

Collision between school bus and Scorpio vehicle Pandoh, Mandi

After first aid, all the children have been sent to Zonal Hospital Mandi. Police post Pandoh in-charge Rajendra Kumar said that a case has been registered against the bus driver for rash driving and action is being taken as per the rules.

There was no attendant in the bus

One reason for the accident is said to be the absence of any attendant in the bus. Because the responsibility of looking after all the children traveling in the bus was also on the driver.

The driver told in his statement to the police that as he looked backwards to see the children, the accident happened.

At the same time, there is anger among the parents as to why the school management did not send any attendant in the bus. School Principal Preet Kiran told that an attendant has been appointed on the bus but due to some reason she could not come on the bus today.