Chail Chowk-Pandoh road will become an alternative route to Chandigarh Manali

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Shimla: Tourists traveling from Chandigarh to Manali will no longer have to worry about the closure of the road between Mandi-Pandoh. The Public Works Department has started the exercise of preparing the Chailchowk-Pandoh road as an alternative route.

The department has sent the DPR of Rs 39 crore to the central government. After getting the approval, the work of widening this road will be started. In the midst of disaster, this road has emerged as a big option.

The length of the Chailchowk-Pandoh road will be 30 km. Thousands of tourists, farmers, and gardeners are troubled due to the repeated closure of NH between Mandi-Pandoh.

Now preparations are being made to make the Chailchowk-Pandoh road an alternative road. It is expected that the project will be approved soon.

Chail Chowk-Pandoh road will become an alternative route to Chandigarh Manali

Tourism will also get wings by the option of frequent closure of Mandi-Kullu NH. Tourists visiting Kullu-Manali will now be able to reach Seraj and Kamrunag valley directly from Pandoh and enjoy the beauty of these places.

Due to the widening of the road, tourists will also be able to easily reach untouched tourist places. This will also strengthen the economy of the local people. Be informed that apart from Mandi to Kullu NH, there is an alternative route via Kataula.

Apart from this, vehicles reach Dador from Pandoh via Chail Chowk. Tourists can also leave for Shimla, Rampur, and Kinnaur by road. Presently this road is narrow and winding.

The Public Works Department sent DPR worth crores to the Center for approval.

DPR of Chail Chowk-Pandoh intermediate road has been prepared and sent to the government. Work will start here after approval. Chaman Thakur, Executive Engineer, Public Works Department.