Disagreement Again on the Cement Rate- the UltraTech Truck Operators Angry on Reducing the Freight

truck operator angry on reducing freight of UltraTech

Solan’s Baga-based UltraTech Cement Company’s truck operators are not ready to reduce the freight.

They say that UltraTech issued a notification to cut freight by 41 paise on Saturday, which is not acceptable to the truck operators of Baga.

Like Adani company, Ultratech company will now pay Rs 10.30 freight per metric ton per kilometer and at the same time, only Rs 5.15 will be given in the plains.

Earlier, the truck operator of Ultratech Company in Baga was being given freight of Rs 10.71. An emergency meeting of truck operators of Baga’s UltraTech Operator Coordination Committee was held at Shalughat on Sunday.

The meeting was presided over by Captain Bhagat Ram, Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the Sabha. The members said that after Adani Cement Company, now Ultratech Company has also decided to reduce the cement freight.

Truck operators protested in the meeting regarding this and also rejected the company’s decision to cut fares.

truck operator angry on reducing freight of UltraTech

Daulat Singh Thakur, General Secretary of UltraTech Coordination Committee, said that the members said in the meeting that without the consent of the truck operators, the company has implemented the new freight charges, which is not acceptable to the transport unions.

Now a meeting has been called at Shalughat on Monday, February 27 at 11 am. This will include members of the coordination committee and truck operators.

Truck operators of various gatherings including Surjit Sen, Sanjeev Sharma, Chaman Lal, Parmanand, Captain Surendra Kumar were present on this occasion.

On the other hand, the representatives of all the associations working in UltraTech Cement Management have written a letter to the company management saying that the freight mail sent by the company management to the representatives of the associations working in the cement industry is not valid. If the company wants to negotiate, the assembly is ready to negotiate.

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