After Ambuja, ACC, Ultratech Company will also Reduce Freight by 41 Paise, Decision on 27th

Cement company accepted demands of truck operators

After Adani Cement Company ACC and Ambuja, now UltraTech Company will also reduce the cement freight.

The company had recently increased freight rates by 13 paise to Rs 10.71 per metric tonne per kilometer, which made truck operators happy.

Now after the new fare of Adani company, Ultratech company is also going to reduce freight by 41 paise. Its decision will be taken on 27 February.

Ultratech company will also pay Rs 10.30 as freight like Adani company. This will harm 3,500 truck operators transporting UltraTech Cement.

For about three hours, there was a churn in the meeting between the office bearers of Ultratech Management and Ultratech Transport Meetings Coordination Committee regarding freight.

The operators took their stand that the freight should not be reduced, but the UltraTech management said that they would follow Adani Company’s policy.

Although no decision was taken in this meeting, but now it is likely to be finalized in the meeting to be held on February 27.

Daulat Singh Thakur, advisor to the coordination committee present in the meeting, said that the circumstances of all the cement companies are different.

After Ambuja, ACC, Ultratech company will reduce freight

The cement dispute was between truck operators of Adani, BDTS and Darlaghat. This had nothing to do with the UltraTech company and its transport assemblies.

Whatever decision is made between Adani Company and its operators, it is applicable only to them.

Ultratech company has its own policy and they should not follow Adani company policy. At the same time, the officials of UltraTech Company have said that they will pay only the rent fixed by ACC and Ambuja.

Daulat Singh Thakur said that the final decision on this would be taken in the proposed meeting on February 27. Plant head Vivek Mathur and other officers were present on behalf of the company.

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