Only those with income less than Rs 50 thousand will get Rs 1.5 lakh to build a house, anger among disaster affected people


Shimla: These days, the Welfare Department is sending a letter to the affected people rendered homeless due to the rainy season to build houses and insisting on applying for the Swarnjayanti Ashray Yojana.

After receiving this letter, the affected people are getting relief for some time, but after reading the conditions, they are feeling dizzy. The biggest condition also includes annual income limit of less than Rs 50,000. Most of the affected are not able to fulfill this condition.

An amount of Rs 1.5 lakh will be given by the department. Members of the disaster affected families, Ramesh Singh, Ram Singh, Trahadu Ram are raising the question that the disaster has not hit anyone considering the rich and the poor.

With this, everything has been lost in the disaster and they have become homeless. Now there is neither any source of income nor anything. When it came to getting money for the construction of a house, the condition of Rs 50,000 in the application has increased their pain.


This condition is not logical in any way. Let us tell you that letters regarding the Golden Jubilee Shelter Scheme have been sent by the Welfare Department to other affected people instead of the eligible ones.

In the letter itself, first of all, it has been written that the department has received information about the house being completely damaged through the administration, whereas it has been asked to complete the formalities for the application and apply so that the application can be presented at a higher level on priority basis.

Letters are being sent for application in Golden Jayanti Shelter Scheme

In Mandi district, 991 houses have been completely damaged while more than 2,308 houses have been damaged. The number of affected is in thousands.

The displaced people are forced to stay with relatives and elsewhere while some are living in temporary camps set up by the disaster-affected administration.

Under Swarna Jayanti Ashray Yojana, an amount of Rs 1.5 lakh is given to eligible people of SC, ST, OBC category to build houses.

The departmental intention is that those whose houses collapsed and are currently homeless, should be covered under the scheme.