NPS Share was not Given to the Central Government from the Salary of Electricity Board Employees this Month

Contract service will be taken for pension Himachal

Shimla: NPS share has not been given to the Central Government from the salary of the employees of the Electricity Board this month.

The board management has started work on the process of working the amount deducted from the May pension into the GPF account.

Regarding pension, the board management has deducted the share of NPS but this amount is not stuck with NS.

On the instructions of Registrar Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu, the Electricity Board management has taken the proposal to restore the old pension scheme in the service committee meeting.

A majority of the members of the committee to authorize have gone to sign approving this motion. Now the signature of the Energy Secretary is pending.

Energy Secretary Rajeev Sharma was expected to return on Monday but those relations did not materialize. Rajeev Sharma has gone to Delhi to hold a meeting with officials of the Ministry of Power.

Zilz is that on Tuesday, after the meeting of the OPS restoration service committee on both sides, the Energy Secretary will release the information as soon as the approval proposal is signed.

It is notable that the information about the restoration of the old pension scheme (OPS) for 6,500 officers and employees in the State Electricity Board was not released even on Monday.

Do not give Energy Secretary on Monday. Now the notification for the restoration of OSS is likely to be released on Tuesday.