Corona Update: Do not take Covid lightly, Health Department Issued an Alert in the State


Corona Update: The infection of corona virus is very less in the state. The infection is under control in Himachal Pradesh. Sampling of 379 people was done on Sunday, in which all the cases have come negative.

However, even before this, only two to five new cases were coming in the state. The number of active cases of Covid is only 15. There are four active cases in Solan and 3 each in Hamirpur, Shimla and Sirmaur districts.

There is 1-1 active case in Kangra and Hamirpur. So far 312652 cases of Covid have been confirmed in the state. Out of these, 3,08,424 people have Survived Corona, while 4192 people have died.

The infection of BF Dot 7, a sub-variant of Omicron spread abroad, has now started spreading in India as well. In such a situation, the Health Department has advised not to take Covid lightly and get pre-cautionary dose applied.

Be Careful

  • Masks must be worn in public/crowded indoor places
  • Social distancing norms should be strictly followed
  • Use hand sanitization
  • People should take a precautionary dose of covid vaccination
  • People with influenza (common cold) like symptoms should get RTPCR test done immediately.