Approval for Expansion of Kangra Airport, Bridge to be Built on Manjhi Khad for Three-Kilometer Long Runway

Feasibility report Gaggal airport expansion rejected

The biggest hurdle of extension and runway length of Kangra Airport in Himachal has been removed. A decision has been taken to construct an overbridge over the Manjhi Khad, which is considered to be the biggest problem in the extension of the runway.

The committee headed by the DC of Kangra had talked to the Central Water Energy Research Center in Pune about this. Experts have submitted their reports to DC after doing research.

According to reports, approval has been given to increase the length of the runway by making a concrete bridge over Manjhi Khad.

It should be noted that at present the runway of Kangra Airport is 1376 meters long. In the first phase, its length will be increased to 1900 meters.

And in the second phase, it will be increased to 3010 meters. After this, big airplanes can also land here. Presently only 72-seater aircraft can land at Kangra airport.

Approval for expansion of Kangra Airport bridge built on Manjhi Khad

It becomes more difficult to operate air services here as the day progresses, as the effect of warming air comes on the load penalty. This is the reason that most of the flights from here are in the morning only.

Pathankot-Mandi Four-Lane may also be Reshuffled

It is being told that in order to increase the length of the runway of Kangra Airport, apart from building an overbridge on the Manjhi bridge, the proposed Pathankot-Mandi four-lane will also have to be diverted a little.

At present, a total of 147 hectares of land is to be taken for the airport extension. Out of this, 122 hectares of land is private and 25 hectares is government land.

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