SMC teachers continue their protest outside the secretariat


Shimla: The protest of SMC teachers continues near the State Secretariat on Wednesday morning. State President of SMC Teachers Association, Sunil Sharma said that we are trying to meet the Chief Minister with our demands and want to present the struggle of the last 12 years before him. We have not come to cause any sabotage, we have come to demand our rights peacefully.

Women comrades are with us on the streets, they are also known as nation builders, but today these same national builders are on the streets. This is such a shame.

Our demand is that a permanent solution should be found for us and if it is not found then our protest will become more aggressive. We were given many assurances but all were bundles of lies.

The government has a big excuse of disaster but an amount of Rs 4500 crore has been sanctioned for the disaster and nothing for us. This is a betrayal to us. We have 2500 teachers on the streets.

Our sisters have small children who are at home, we also gave the Chief Minister the option of meeting us at Oak Over but he did not accept that too. The Congress Party had placed this prominently in its election manifesto but it also turned out to be a big lie.