Chhatrari Devi – Wooden temple in Himachal Pradesh



Chhatrari Devi Temple is situated 45 km from Chamba. Chhatrari Village is famous for beautiful Shakti Devi temple. The altitude of temple is 6,000 feet from sea level. It lies between 32° 28′ N and Long. 76° 10′ E.

About Chhatrari Devi Temple

It is also called Shakti Devi temple. The Shakti Devi temple is surrounded by twelve heavy pillars of deodar wood. The idol inside the temple is made of alloy and quite bright. On the left side of Chhatrari Devi Temple we can see the images of Lord Vishnu with the side faces being a lion’s and a boar’s and Goddess Durga slaying the buffalo-demon Mahishasura. The ohter two lowermost images are of Ganga and Yamuna.

Chhatrari Devi Temple
Chhatrari Devi Temple

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Architecture of Temple

The temple has only mandapa and only one large shrine, which seems to have been subdivided later into a cell and mandapa. This core is surrounded by an open gallery, which is used for pradakshina-patha. This gallery is supported by twelve massive wooden columns. The open space between the columns has later filled in with white washed crude masonry of rubble blocks and clay, strengthened by a number of horizontal beams. This rubble masonry was renewed after the earthquake of 1905. In front and on the right side, there can be seen a new wooden gallery, which have the elegant and decadent forms of 18th century. Whole the structure is covered by flat pyramidical roof of well cut slates.


Every year in the month of September on the third day of Mani Mahesh Fair in Bharmour, water from Mani Mahesh Lake is brought and the idol of Shakti Mata is performed a holy bath. The masked dances are performed by the local peoples, a Hindu Shepherd community locally known as “Gaddi”. On this occasion, the Gaddis offer many sheep and goat as sacrifice before Mata.

How to Access

Airways: The nearest airport is at Gaggal 180 km away.

Train: The nearest broad gauge railhead is Pathankot 118 km away.

Roadways: Chamba is well connected by road.