Lakshmi Narayan Temple – Largest and oldest temple in Chamba

Lakshmi Narayan Temple
Lakshmi Narayan Temple


Laxmi Narayan Temple is situated in Chamba of Himachal Pradesh. Lakshmi Narayan Temple was built by Sahil verma in the 10th century.


Laxmi Narayan Temple is the largest and oldest temple in Chamba. Laxmi Narayan Temple has been built in Shikhara style. There is a group of six stone Sikhara temples. The three Sikhara temples are dedicated to Vishnu and other three are dedicated to Shiva. The six Shikhara style temple is famous for its finely executed classical forms.

Lakshmi Narayan Temple
Lakshmi Narayan Temple
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Laxmi Narayan Temple is the most famous temple of Chamba. Laxmi Narayan Temple is famous for both architectural marvel and great historical significance. Wooden umbrella are built to keep the snowfall off the roofs. The wheel shaped roof stop cold. The every ruler of Chamba added to the temple. The Radha-Krishnan temple was built by Rani Sarda. The Shiva Temple complex was built by Sahil Verma.

Importance of Lakshmi Narayan Temple

Image of Lord Vishnu was made of rare marble imported from Vindhyachal Mountains. The king sacrificed eight of his sons to get the marble for Lakshmi Narayan Temple. The king eldest son Yugkara succeeded to fetch the marble. King was attacked by the robbers but with the help of a saint the king managed to save himself. Great effort of king the idol of the Lord could be made.

Time to Visit Lakshmi Narayan Temple

Lakshmi Narayan Temple is open between 6 am to 12.30 pm and 2.30 pm to 8.30 pm.