Now, helmet from carrot fibers to safeguard your head


In order to reuse biodegradable synthetics, researchers have now developed a method to obtain nanofibers from carrot waste which can be used to make helmets or side walls for motorhomes.

Researchers from the Scottish company Cellucomp Limited have developed MPAS (multi-perspective application selection) that helps in identifying the industrial sectors where new materials might be useful from a technical and economical perspective.

Further, to clarify the new material’s market potential researchers did a three steps test for the MPAS method which included the ability of the material to replace the existing substances, its technical feasibility and the ecological aspects of the material.

After the research it was concluded that for fiber production from carrot waste, the MPAS analysis identified six possible customer segments for the Scottish manufacturer Cellucomp that are worth taking a closer look at namely Protective equipment and devices for recreational sport, special vehicles, furniture, luxury consumer goods and industrial manufacturing.

The research is published in the journal Cleaner Production.