500 Bus Routes will be Released for e-vehicles, Road Transport Corporation will Prepare Vehicle Location App in Himachal


The government will issue 500 bus routes for e-vehicles in the state. Announcing the budget on Friday, the Chief Minister said that for the purpose of providing employment to the youth of the state, permits will be issued to run e-vehicles on 500 identified bus routes in 2023-24.

Apart from this, the Bus Stand Construction and Management Authority has set a target to complete the construction of 12 bus stands in the year 2023-24.

These include construction works of Theog, Bhanjradu, Barchwad, Haripur-Dehra, Thunag, Janjehli, Baijnath, Kumarsain, Lakkar Bazar-Shimla, Darlaghat, Dhalli-Shimla, and car parking Banjar.

The Bus Stand Authority will undertake construction work on five new bus stands including Bangana, Nadaun, Patlikuhal Dalhousie, and Rewalsar. A bus port will be built in Hamirpur for which 10 crore rupees will be spent by the state government.

In the announcement of the Chief Minister’s budget, tenders will be invited under public-private partnership for the construction of two new bus stands, Jasur, Bilaspur, and car parking and commercial complex, an old bus stand, Una.

Charging Stations Facilities

GI-based vehicle location apps will be prepared by Transport Corporation for information about buses, charging stations, and other facilities. A digital fare collection system will be implemented in the buses of Transport Corporation.