Is end of state BSNL in hands of cable thieves?


In recent years (yes it is years) theft of Telephone cables in the state of Himachal Pradesh been occurring. There has been more than two dozens such thefts in Joginder Nagar tehsil area of Mandi district and more than 500 connectable telephone connections have been disconnected due to these thefts in last one year. Unfortunately govt has been unable to nab anyone responsible to these thefts.

It is said that these incidents are common in road areas and are difficult to be stopped without the cooperation of public but such incidents have been occurring even in distant villages and there is no stopping. The overall situation is really disappointing.

We are in the century of information technology (we boast of at least) and all governments have been talking about connecting each and every village with broadband internet connection. But such incidents like cable theft are proving biggest road-block in the path of success to fulfillment of this day dream.

If we talk about the role of police in stopping or nabbing the culprits, the situation has been really disappointing. With exception of on or two minor break-through so called “always alert” police has been proved helpless to find a clue about the theives and thefts.

For the cooperation from public Police or other officials never seem to be investigating, in most of the cases. A villager Ajay Kumar from nearby village Jaghera of Joginder Nagar tehsil told Himtimes that no BSNL official or policeman approached them for the investigation of cable theft where more than 1000 meter cable was theft. His house is merely 100 meter away  from the spot where this cable was sliced by the burgers 5 months ago.

In most of the incidents any near by villages or villagers were never approached by any party for gathering the information about the case of theft. Perhaps govt has accepted that it’s time to let the govt run telecom services especially land line operations go.

Some consumers were reported saying that if the government is really helpless in stopping these cases of theft why not they (govt) dismantle and bring the telephone services and cables back to city centers from far/distant areas so that no more loss to departments are felt nor the feelings of the consumers, who are going to be disconnected soon one day, are hurt.

They also said that, the next case of theft is awaited in many areas of the state and police and govt are also waiting for it, helplessly.


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