Cloudburst in Sundernagar; People’s fields washed away along with two vehicles

Cloudburst in Sundernagar

Shimla: Heavy damage has been caused due to cloudburst in Patwar Circle Karla of Dhanyara Gram Panchayat of Sundernagar. Where a cowshed collapsed due to cloudburst, a cow died there.

Along with this, traffic has come to a standstill in Doghari village due to the falling of big stones on the road. Three shops and a shed have also been damaged due to cloudburst.

There is information that two vehicles parked on the roadside were also washed away due to the water coming from the cloudburst.

After four people got stuck in two vehicles on the road in Hadaboi, they were made to stay safely at the rest house of the Forest Department.

Cloudburst in Sundernagar

Due to cloudburst, people’s fields have also been reported washed away. Due to the closure of the road in the Karla area, it has become difficult to reach there.

Tehsildar Sundernagar Ved Prakash Agnihotri said that cloudburst has been reported in Dhanyara Panchayat of the sub-division.

Initially, there has been news of the death of a cow due to the collapse of two vehicles and many contact routes have been closed.