Major Tourist Places and Attractions Around Renuka Lake


In our previous post, we had given you information related to Renuka Lake, if you are planning to visit Renuka Lake, then apart from this lake, you can also visit nearby tourist places, whose information we have given in detail below.


Churdhar is a beautiful place situated at an altitude of 3,646 meters which is the most beautiful and holy place not only in Sirmaur but also in Himachal Pradesh.


Legend has it that this is the place from where Lord Hanuman came to find herbs for the gravely injured Lakshmana and later carried the entire hill in the Ramayana.

The beauty of the place is enhanced by the forests and wildlife that inhabit it. This place is also a famous trekking spot for many travelers.

Shri Renuka Ji

Renuka Ji is a popular pilgrimage place among the people situated near the ancient and clean Renuka Lake. The place also houses a gaming sanctuary and a wildlife reserve.


A variety of flora and fauna are found in this wildlife sanctuary. Kartika Ekadashi is a festival organized near Renuka ji which is worth attending.

Habban Valley

Habban Valley is a valley located near Sirmaur which is famous for its many temples. The carved temples of this valley are quite attractive which were built under the supervision of the Rajput rulers.


Habban Valley has a rich history and culture of its own. If you visit this valley, you can visit Shirgul Devta Temple, Palu Devta Temple and Tokro Tibba Kali Temple.

Haripur Dhar

Haripur Dhar is a popular hill for trekking which is at an altitude of 2687 meters. Here on the hill is situated an ancient and wonderful temple dedicated to Maa Bhangayani, which is called Maa Bhangayani Temple.


Devotees visit this temple in large numbers to offer prayers and seek blessings. A fort is situated on this hill which gives a glimpse into the history of the place.

Haripur Dhar is a major tourist destination of Sirmaur which is a paradise for trekkers and nature lovers.

Bhureshwar Mahadev

Bhureshwar Mahadev is a prominent and holy place. This place is said to have witnessed the famous battle of Kurukshetra in the epic of Mahabharata from where Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati witnessed it.

A lot of pilgrims and tourists visit this place because of this famous legend. This place is full of lush green trees and hills. Tourists get a wonderful peace after coming here.

Gurudwara Paonta Sahib

Gurudwara Paonta Sahib is a holy Gurudwara in Sirmaur which is visited by a large number of tourists.

Paonta-Sahib-Gurudawara himachal-pradesh

This Gurudwara is dedicated to Guru Gobind Singhji who was invited by Raja Medini Prakash, a ruler of Sirmaur. This gurudwara is a great place to feel the positivity and purify your soul.

Renukaji Mini Zoo

Renukaji Mini Zoo is one of the major tourist places in Sirmaur district, which was started in 1957 to rescue animals and provide safe housing. Animals like sambar, chinkara, hogdar and black buck can be seen in this zoo.


A pair of lions was also brought here for breeding and increasing the species. This zoo is a great place to see and feel the beauty of nature.

Jagannath Temple

The Jagannath Temple is about four centuries old and is considered very sacred among the local people. This temple was further built by Raja Budha Prakash.

Every year a festival called ‘Sawan Dwadashi’ is celebrated here to mark the end of the monsoon season. The festival is celebrated with grandeur which includes a procession.


In this procession the idols of fifty-two deities are taken from the temple and floated in a pond. This pond has been decorated very beautifully and tourists can also see ducks in this pond.

Siwalik Fossil Park Suketi

Shivalik Fossil Park Sirmaur is an interesting and fascinating place which houses the fossils of some of the rarest and extinct animals.


Some of the fossils on display here include Stegodongenesa (an extinct elephant), Sivatherium hexapratadon, crocodiles and Colossophitis atlas (a giant land tortoise).

There is also a museum in this park where tourists can get detailed information about all these animals.

Trilokpur Temple

Trilokpur Temple is dedicated to Goddess Mahamaya Bala Sundari located near Nahan. This temple was built in 1573 under the supervision of Raja Deep Prakash.

Trilokpur Temple is a famous temple in the region due to which it is visited by a large number of pilgrims throughout the year.


After praying in this temple and taking the blessings of the Goddess, people get an amazing peace. A fair is held twice a year at the Trilokpur temple, which attracts a large number of people.

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