Gaggal Airport will be Expanded by Acquiring 83 Percent Private Land, See List of Villages here

Dharamshala-Chandigarh air service start from 22nd September

The Social Impact Assessment (SIA) has submitted the report of the survey conducted regarding the Gaggal airport expansion to the state government.

During this, the SIA was to conduct a survey of 14 villages under the Gaggal airport expansion, but the people of two villages have boycotted the survey. Due to this, the team has handed over the 230-page report of the assessment done in 12 villages to the state government.

To prepare this report, SIA interviewed 399 out of a total of 1,446 affected households in 14 villages, while 1,047 households remained uninterviewed.

Gaggal airport will be expanded by acquiring 83 percent private land

Apart from this, the people of Barswalkad and Jhikli Ichhi have not participated in the survey itself. Out of 399 people interviewed by SIA, 107 people have found the airport expansion to be good, while 157 people have called this expansion bad. Apart from this, 135 people have flatly refused to say anything.

How much land will be acquired from which village for the project

Village                 Affected Land        Government Land     Private Land
Rachiyalu                29.4354                   2.7528                  26.7526
Bhadot                    0.2058                    0.0836                    0.1222
Kyodi                      6.2895                    0.2253                    6.0642
Jughead                  3.3673                    0.8461                    2.5112
wolf                        3.5124                    0.3191                    3.1933
Dhugiyari                1.1998                    0.0488                    1.151
Sanoura                  12.0366                  2.7301                    9.3065
Gaggal Khas            29.7536                  9.9469                    19.8067
Gagal Khas              17.744                    3.1929                    14.5511
Sahoda                    3.5118                    0.5179                    2.9939
Mungrehar               2.8358                    0.4131                    2.4327
Garden                    5.0211                    0.4715                    4.5496
Barswalkar               25.2331                  3.1112                    22.1219
bat                          7.6225                    0.4771                    7.1454
Total                       147.7587                 25.1064                  122.6623

The Social Impact Assessment team has completed the survey and submitted its report to the state government. Officially the copy of the report has not come yet.

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