The International Airport will change the Picture of the State, work on these aspects is in full swing regarding the expansion of Kangra Airport

Gaggal Airport Kangra update

Work has now started on technical aspects for the expansion of Kangra Airport. The technical aspects required for the airport expansion have been conducted by the techno-feasibility team for the lidar survey.

Such technical aspects are mandatory before airport construction. Experts are now studying all aspects to make Kangra airport an international airport. This is the reason why meaningful results are continuously coming in the direction of airport expansion.

Now the techno-feasibility team will submit its report after examining the technical aspects, so that there is no problem with airport expansion.

Kangra International airport will change picture of state

In such a situation, the work of land acquisition will start as soon as all the technical reports come positive. Everyone is now waiting for this big and ambitious project of the state to land on the ground.

In such a situation, the work of the International Airport in Kangra will start as soon as the formalities are completed. The construction of the international airport will change the picture of the hill state of Himachal.

Dharamsala will be directly connected to the big cities of the country and the world, due to which there will be a big increase in the number of tourists in the mountain. Pong Dam is also near the Kangra Airport, which is considered important from the point of view of security and tourism, so all kinds of facilities including emergency landing are available here.

It is also easy to make Kangra Airport an international airport because there is an open space between the mountains, due to which long-distance ships can easily move by air.

Team will Report soon

Deputy Commissioner Kangra Dr. Nipun Jindal says that all airport-related works are being done on the guidelines of the government. For the technical aspects, the survey has been done by the techno-feasibility team and it will prepare a detailed report. It is expected that soon all the formalities will be completed.

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