Indigo Aircraft will Land at Gaggal Airport from Tomorrow, Spice Jet will also Start two new flights

Feasibility report Gaggal airport expansion rejected

Amid speculations about the expansion of Gaggal Airport, the airline Indigo has started new flights to Kangra district.

The first flight of the airline Indigo will take off from the capital Delhi at 6.40 am on Sunday and land at Gaggal airport at 8.25 am.

Apart from this, the return time of the flight will take off from Gaggal airport at 9.15 am and land in Delhi at 10.45 am.

The airline Spice Jet will also start two new flights for Kangra, these aircraft will also land at Gaggal Airport on Sunday.

The airline will land its first flight on March 26 at Indigo Gaggal Airport. After this, the company’s two flights will be for Gaggal Airport.

As soon as two new flights of Indigo company land, Indigo company will become the third service provider company to provide air services in Kangra.

Indigo aircraft will land at Gaggal airport from tomorrow

Prior to this, Alliance Air and Spice Jet have regular flights to Gaggal Airport. The schedule of this flight starting from March 26 is also available on online booking sites, while after the recruitment process of the employees, they have been provided training and deployed at the airport.

With these newly started flights, Spice Jet will also increase the number of flights to four, while one flight will also be of Alliance Air.

IndiGo’s flights to Kangra are starting on 26 March. Airline company Spice Jet will also increase the number of flights in March.

With the commencement of new flights, the number of flights at Gaggal airport will also increase. Along with this, more new flights are also expected to start.

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