Government Schools will become Model from PM-Shri Scheme, Students will Get the Benefit

PM-Shri scheme

Pradhan Mantri Schools for Rising India i.e. PM-Shri Yojana has been started to develop schools in the state as model schools. Along with the country’s schools, the schools of Himachal will also be able to become models in this.

Instructions have been issued to all schools in this regard, on which Rs 27,360 crore will be spent. In this scheme, government schools run by states and local bodies including Kendriya Vidyalaya, and Navodaya Vidyalaya will be included in these schools.

About 18 lakh students will benefit from this scheme of the Prime Minister. For this, a portal will be created on which the details of the performance of every student of every school will be there.

Two crore rupees will be given to each school in five years. At the same time, for the first time, the schools will be given direct funds from the center, which can be up to 40 percent.

PM-Shri scheme

Proper arrangements will also be made for its monitoring. In this, under the new education policy, all schools will work as model schools. Under this, the schools will have to apply themselves on the online portal.


During the first two years of the scheme, the portal will be opened four times in a year i.e. once in every quarter. The special thing is that all these schools will be government, which will be selected along with the states.

All these will become model schools and they will contain the full spirit of the National Education Policy. The PM-Shri Schools scheme will be implemented over a period of five years from 2022-2027.

In this, the children will be benefited that the system of children coming to school without bags for ten days will also start. Along with this, Hitech Lab will also be started in the schools for the convenience of the children.

Vidya Samiksha Kendra will be started in PM-Shri schools on the basis of pilot project.

Focus on Increasing Employment

The schools will provide leadership to other schools in their respective fields by providing guidance. The sector will be linked with skill councils and local industries to enhance employability.

Work on Features

State governments can also make nominations for schools. 60 standards have been set for the selection of schools. This includes pucca building, drinking water facility, separate toilets for boys and girls, playground, facilities for disabled children etc.