OPS not Restored in Electricity Board, HRTC, NPS Share cut this Month too

OPS not Restored in Electricity Board

The old pension scheme (OPS) has not been restored in two big government undertakings of Himachal Pradesh- the Electricity Board and HRTC.

This month, 17,000 employees of both undertakings are angry over the reduction in the National Pension Scheme (NPS) share.

The Electricity Board and the Transport Corporation management have not yet implemented the government’s notification.

The employee unions have raised the demand in front of the Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu to intervene in the matter and not forward the deducted amount.

State President of the Electricity Board Employees Union Kameshwar Dutt Sharma and General Secretary Hiralal Verma have accused the management class of delaying the implementation and delivery of political decisions taken by the government in the interest of the employees.

OPS not Restored in Electricity Board

He said that the restoration of OPS in the state is a political decision taken by the government in the interest of the employees, and the bureaucracy is neither in the interest of the government nor in accordance with the sentiments of the employees.

The officials told that before the year 2003, the pension rules were of 1972 in government undertakings.

The employees thereafter are depositing e-pension shares in the National Security Depository Limited in the new pension system.

The employees of all those undertakings are included in the old pension restoration notification of the government.

Electricity Boards and Corporations are Government Undertakings where Pension Rules 1972 are already in force and employees engaged after 2003 are entitled to old pension.

9,000 employees appointed after 2003 in the Electricity Board and 8,000 employees in HRTC are unhappy with the non-implementation of the decision.

Electricity Board’s Managing Director Harikesh Meena said that the matter has been taken up with the government.

One lakh employees will participate in the gratitude ceremony on May 28 in Dharamshala

One lakh employees of the state will participate in the gratitude function of the state government to be held on May 28 in Dharamshala on the restoration of OPS.

State President of New Pension Scheme Employees Federation Pradeep Thakur said this in a press conference in Mandi. He has thanked Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu for the OPS restoration.

He said that the representatives of the organization met Congress National General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi last day and expressed their gratitude to her.

He appealed to the employees to choose the OPS within the 60 days given by the government. Apply for your GPF number as soon as possible, so that this process can also be done in time.