Relief can be Found in NTT Recruitment, State Expects 47 Crore Budget from Center for Honorarium

Relief can be found in NTT recruitment

Shimla: For the honorarium of NTT teachers, the central government may soon issue a budget of 47 crores to Himachal for the financial year 2023-24.

State Project Director of the Holistic Education Department, Rajesh Sharma said that it is expected that the government will fill the posts of NTT this year.

In the last three years, 58 thousand children have enrolled in pre-primary classes in government schools of the state. In the previous BJP government too, rules were made regarding NTT recruitment.

The task of recruitment was entrusted to the Electronic Corporation, but in the meantime the code of conduct regarding the assembly elections was imposed, due to which these recruitments could not be done.

Relief can be found in NTT recruitment

Now the government wants to make recruitment under the rules so that it does not get embroiled in legal disputes. Around 4700 posts of NTT teachers are to be recruited in schools.

For the last three years, this recruitment process is under the consideration of the government. The central government will bear the expenditure on teachers’ salaries.

This budget is being issued since three years, but it lapses due to non-recruitment. The state government wants these recruitments to happen soon. For this, efforts have been intensified at the government level.

Education Minister Rohit Thakur met several officials including the Secretary of the National Council of Teacher Education i.e. NCTE in Delhi last day, while on Wednesday he also met the Union Education Minister. He has raised the demand that Himachal be given relaxation in the rules.

The Center has given conditional consent for conducting the bridge course. SSA’s State Project Director Rajesh Sharma said that last year’s budget could not be spent. Efforts are being made for the recruitment to be done soon this year.