Government will release 5000 New Recruitments; Deputy CM Agnihotri said, all Appointments will be Done Under the New Policy

Government will make 5000 new recruitments under the new policy

Himachal government will now recruit five thousand employees under the new recruitment policy. The state government is preparing to bring a new policy for the employees.

This was stated by Deputy Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri in the House. He said that instead of outsourced companies whose contracts have expired in the month of December, contracts will be re-contracted with new companies, so that there is no impact on the system running through outsource.

In the last two months, 559 outsourced employees have lost their jobs from the Jal Shakti Department. These employees have been removed between December 15 and February 21 after the contract with the company was over.

However, it is not decided whether the outsourced employees who have been removed from five thousand posts will also get a chance or not.

There was a lot of controversy between the ruling party and the opposition regarding the removal of outsourced employees and the new arrangement in the House.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that there has been discrimination against the employees in the name of outsource. The company under which the outsourced employees were recruited has been paid Rs 38 crore.

The rules were made differently while recruiting. The tender process for the entire state was decided sitting at Sarkaghat in Mandi. Jal Shakti Department has deployed 247 outsourced employees.

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