Record of longest road trip wedding expedition recorded, wedding in 25 degree temperature became a topic of discussion


Shimla: The destination wedding held in minus 25 temperature in Morang of Spiti Valley of district Lahaul-Spiti has become a topic of discussion. India Book of Records has given the couple a certificate for registering the record of the longest road trip wedding expedition.

The bride in this marriage belongs to the state of Gujarat, but now lives in Mumbai. The groom, Ranjith Srinivas, is a resident of Kerala state, who does business in Dubai. Bride Arya Bura told that she had come here to Spiti as a solo traveler in her car in 2021 and 2023.

She likes the beauty of this place very much. She told that both of them were in a relationship with each other for 13 years. When the ring ceremony was held in Mumbai, it was decided to get married in Spiti.

The proposal of having a destination wedding in Spiti itself was put forward to the family members, but convincing them was very challenging. Ranjeet does business in Dubai.

He was keen to get married in Dubai, while Ranjit’s family wanted the wedding to take place in Kerala. Arya Bura’s family was in favor of getting married in Gujarat, but Arya Bura wanted to get married in Spiti.

In such a situation, both the families were persuaded for this marriage. Both wanted to set up a pavilion in the snow and complete all the rituals as per Hindu customs on 26th February.

Bura told that when the wedding was taking place, it was snowing lightly. This marriage has been registered in the India Book of Records. His team had come here. He has also given the certificate.