Himachal Pradesh’s tallest Tricolour aflutter in Dalhousie


AMRITSAR: Indian Tricolour is fluttering on Himachal Pradesh’s tallest flagpole in Dalhousie, adding yet another attraction for the tourists in the tiny hill station nestled in sylvan mountains. “We have installed a 108 feet tall flagpole hoisting 30 by 20 feet national flag which is illuminated at night. It is visible from even some parts of Pathankot town in Punjab,” director-principal, Dalhousie Public School, G S Dhillon told TOI on Monday.

He said with the prominence of spot, the flag has become one of the major attraction for tourists. “We are also contemplating on providing a special passage for tourists inside school premises so they could have a closer look and take photographs of national flag” he said. He informed that Vice Admiral Anurag G Thapliyal, Director General, Indian Coast Guard would inaugurate the tallest national flag of Himachal Pardesh on 44th School Founder’s on October 19.

Some of other highest flagpoles in country are 225 feet long flagpole in Navi Mumbai, 213 feet flagpole , Banglore and 207 feet tall flag pole at Rajiv Chowk, Delhi “Whenever I would visit Delhi , the tallest national flag at Rajiv Chowk would inspire me and I decided to have tallest monumental flag of Himachl Pardesh in Dalhousie ” said Dhillon.

He said special arrangement have been made to flood lit the flag at night. “We got three flags stitched at the cost of Rs 30000 each as they would be required to be changed when damaged due to high velocity winds or other environmental conditions” he said. Dhillon said he had already got Himacha Pardesh’s first MIG-21 fighter aircraft installed in Dalhousie which has already become one of major tourist attraction.

He said that ministry of defense had also cleared the release of a T-55 battle tank which would also be installed in Dalhousie. “Defence hardware has a powerful motivational impact on youth to join the armed forced,” said Dhillon