JOA-IT paper leaked; Paper Sold for Rs 4 Lakh in Hamirpur, Test was to be held on Sunday


The paper of JOA-IT post code 965 which is to be held on this Sunday has been leaked. It is being told that out of the five people arrested by the Vigilance team, one had passed the exam last year itself by purchasing papers, while the mother of one of the accused is posted in the secrecy branch of the Staff Selection Commission, Hamirpur. In such a situation, there can be many important revelations in the action of vigilance.

For now the Staff Selection Commission has canceled the paper. One lakh three thousand four hundred and thirty four candidates have applied to fill a total of 319 posts, which have come under tension.

This exam of JOA-IT was to be conducted on Sunday. Vigilance team is cross checking the paper. It is being told that the accused were selling paper for four lakh rupees.

During this, the Vigilance team, acting on the basis of secret information, caught the accused selling paper.

In the interrogation of Vigilance, one of the accused has also disclosed that he has also passed the examination last year by purchasing paper.