Four-lane Update: Now the land will be tested before the construction of the four-lane

four-lane update land will be tested before construction four-lane

Shimla: Will examine the land before re-building the National Highway in Himachal. The soil layers will be opened and after that, the construction will start. NHAI has taken this decision due to frequent landslides across the state.

NHAI has been hit hard due to landslides at different places across the state. Not only this, NHAI will now give priority to the construction of tunnels instead of making straight routes.

In the rain so far, those parts of the National Highway have not been damaged, where the four-lane has been passed through the tunnel. Significantly, a committee was formed to investigate the reason for the landslide on the National Highway.

four-lane update land will be tested before construction four-lane

This committee has gathered all the facts and now the report of the committee is about to come. Based on this report, preparations are to change the construction of the National Highway in the state. NHAI has recently completed the construction of the Kiratpur-Manali National Highway up to Nerchowk.

In this construction, more focus was given on the tunnels and this has been the reason, which has not caused much damage to the National Highway till Nerchowk. Although the National Highway between Mandi and Kullu has been destroyed due to floods, but now NHAI is preparing to build a tunnel here too.

New tunnels can also be constructed between Solan and Parwanoo on the Kalka-Shimla National Highway, while the Shimla-Mataur National Highway will also be changed in the coming days.

NHAI regional officer Abdul Basit said that the report of the central team is awaited. Further steps will be taken based on this report. The National Highway can be saved by the construction of tunnels in the state.

Given this, necessary changes will be brought after the weather clears. NHAI has got three hours to work on repairing the National Highway, but the incessant rains are affecting their work. He said that the pace of construction would pick up after the rains stopped.

Changing mountain nature

NHAI regional officer Abdul Basit said that soil testing is necessary before construction. The change that has come in the mountains in the last few years needs to be understood.

Now the next steps will be taken based on the report which will be given by the central investigation team. Apart from soil, other things will also be investigated during this time.