Now People will get Cheaper Ration, Tender Finals in Depots

People get cheap ration in depots by scanning eyes

Ration card consumers of Himachal Pradesh will now get cheaper ration in the depots by scanning eyes. The Food Supply Corporation has finalized its tender.

The company of Tamil Nadu has been given this task. To implement the scheme, Food Civil and Consumer Affairs Department is contacting software with NIC (National Informatics Center).

The department believes that the implementation of this scheme will curb the fraud of cheap ration. At the same time, the hassle of fingers in POS machines will also end.

According to the new scheme, the depots will now have a mobile-like device instead of a poster. This device will scan the eyes of people coming to take cheaper ration in depots.

People get cheap ration in depots by scanning eyes

In the software, cheap ration will be given only after the feeding of the feed people already print. Ravindra Thakur, Joint Director of Food Supplies Department, said that now the eyes will be scanned and ration will be given in the depots.

It is noteworthy that a trial has also been done to implement this scheme by the Food Supplies Department and a tender has been issued to the company.

Consumers will get Relief from Implementation of new Scheme

POS machines in the depots continue to deteriorate, in such a situation, people have to wait for ration. The new scheme is being worked on by the department to provide relief to consumers.