Experts said – the water accumulated in the mountains is causing cracks by becoming steam, the possibility of landslides remains intact

water-vapor-seeping-into-mountains-creating-cracks fearlandslides-remains

Shimla: Even though the period of heavy rains has stopped in Himachal Pradesh, landslides from the mountains continue and the danger still remains. Due to excessive rainfall, the mountains have become filled with water this time.

Now the water seeping in the mountains is turning into vapor when the temperature increases due to sunlight and creating cracks. Despite the sunshine, landslides have occurred on the Parwanoo-Shimla four-lane, Mandi-Kullu highway, and other roads in the last two days.

Recently, eight multi-storey buildings collapsed in Ani of Kullu during clear weather. According to experts, due to sunlight, water vapor is formed and the pressure inside the ground increases.

This pressure pushes the soil out and landslides occur. This trend will continue for 15 to 20 days. The mountains will stop cracking as soon as the water dries up in the ground.

Retired civil engineer Devendra Singh explains that most landslides occur in areas where there are either no large rocks or where the soil is sandy.

water-vapor-seeping-into-mountains-creating-cracks fearlandslides-remains

Mandi-Kullu, Parwanoo-Shimla Fourlane has similar soil. There are less trees along the roads. Due to this, the grip of the soil becomes weak. They cannot tolerate both rain and drought and keep falling.

The cracks that have appeared during the rains should be filled with soil so that the cracks do not get bigger when the weather is clear.

Where is there greater risk of landslides?

There is danger on Shimla-Kalka NH from Dharampur to Parwanoo even in clear weather. Landslides have occurred at about a dozen places here in the last two days.

Six miles on Mandi-Kullu NH, Seven miles, Davada, Hanogi, near Pandoh, Kotropi and Deodhar in Kullu district, near Grahan Nala, Nangcha, Sojha to Ghiyagi, Bhuntar to Manikarna, Kullu to Lagghati There is danger of landslides.

Hewna, Gangtoli, Shilla, Kamrau on Paonta Sahib-Shillai NH besides Danoi on Dadahu-Sangrah road, Naya Gaon and Khadka Khech on Lavasa Chowki-Dhangyar road, Sadhnaghat on NH 907-A, Madhighat and Scissor turn on Dharayar-Narag road. On the Haripurdhar-Rajgarh road, Sail, Chadhna and Nauhradhar, Bhatiyuri, Haripurdhar-Ronhat road near Shalna can also get flooded. There is a need to be vigilant in many other areas including Kotla of Kangra, Ranital Marg, Thanpuri of Nagrota Bagwan, and Kangra Bypass.

After the rain, sandy and such soil, which does not contain big rocks, falls. The reason for this is that its grip becomes weak in the rain. As soon as the sun shines, vapors start coming out of it and due to the pressure, landslides occur. This process continues till the groundwater does not dry up.