Serolsar Lake- Home to Mother of Nag Lords of Himachal Pradesh (Video)


Serolsar Serolsar Lake (also Serol Sar) is located in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, at an altitude of 3,199 metres (10,496 feet) above sea level. It is surrounded by alpine forests. The water is crystal clear and local residents believe that if a leaf falls into the water, it is immediately removed by a bird. No geological study has ever been able to calculate accurately the depth of the lake. The water has medicinal properties and is considered by local residents.

The Serolsar Lake is dedicated to Budhi Nagin (बूढी नागिन), the mother of all Nag deities such as Shesh-Nag, Kamru-Nag, Mahu-Nag, Ghunda Nag and other Nag Lords of the state. There is a temple of Budhi Nagin (old snake goddess), a holy spot next to the lake.


Author at Budhi Nagin Temple
Author at Budhi Nagin Temple

The Legend

It is said that the Serolsar Lake is very deep and that Budhi Nagin herself lived in a golden palace at the bottom of the lake. One day, as the legend goes, a Brahmin from nearby Shoja village came to the lake and drowned himself. Budhi Nagin saved him and allowed him to stay in her palace for three years.

After three years, the Brahmin returned. His friends and family had, by then, assumed that he was dead and were surprised to see him. He was repeatedly asked where he had been for three years and he reluctantly revealed the truth. The moment he did so, he died and any of his descendants who tried to visit the lake thereafter met with accidents on the way and perished. There is a house of this family at Shoja village.

idol of budhi nagin, mother of nag lords

It is also said that Pandavas visited SerolSar in Dwaparyug during their exile period and planted rice here. These rice plants could be seen in the lake at present.


Serol Sar is at distance of about 5 kilometer from Jalori Pass. Jalori Pass is situated at a height of about 10,140 feet. One can travel by bus or private vehicle up to Jalori Pass. Jalori Pass is at a distance of about 32 kms from Anni of Kullu district and it takes about one and half hour to reach Jalori Pass from Anni by bus. At Jalori Pass, there is a beautiful temple of ‘Kali Mata’ located. From Jalori Pass, one travels through narrow path amongh the jungles of ‘Kharshoo’ trees for a distance of 5-6 kms on foot. It takes around 1.5 hours to traverse the distance from Jalori Pass to Serol Sar.

The temperature of Serol sar is very cool all around the year. In winters Serol sar, experience snowfall up to 5-8 feet. The place is best to visit during summers. People visiting this place are all advised to come with their own food items and necessary woolen clothing. Now, small rest houses have also been built to provide stay facility for the devotees but even then they are advised to be well equipped with their own material.


From Jalori pass, one can enjoy an amazing scenic view of the Himalayas. A trail starts from the pass and goes up and down to a small charming mountain lake. It has an amazing atmosphere.

beautiful-trek-to-serolsar-lake-jalori-passThe trek is an enriching experience. The trip takes about 2 or 3 hours walk in total. No steep slopes, the trails is relatively comfortable. Serolsar lake packages include, the jeep safari to Jalori pass, a guide to lead you to the lake, lunch at the lake, and coming back to your guest house/homestay/camp.


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