Electricity will be Generated on the Roofs of the Houses, Him Energy Department will Complete the Target by January 2024

Now Pangi will be illuminated by the sun

In Himachal Pradesh, 10 MW of electricity will be generated from the roofs of houses in the next eight months. Snow Energy Department has started the work to achieve the target. The Central Government has given this target to the Snow Energy Department.

The special thing is that the central and state government will also pay subsidy to generate electricity on the house roofs.

In these, the central government has made a provision of subsidy of up to 40 percent, while the state government has fixed a provision of six thousand rupees for the domestic plant.

Electricity will be generated on roofs of houses

If Himachal achieves this target in January 2024, then the additional target from the Center will be fixed after 2024.

At present, for the last two years, the Snow Energy Department is emphasizing on generating rooftop solar power.

In this, the central government has also made a provision of 40 percent subsidy for domestic consumers from 1 to 3 kilowatts while a 10 to 20 percent subsidy from 3 to 10 kilowatts.

Talking about Snow Energy Department, for up to 3 kilowatts, 50 thousand per kilowatt will have to be paid while for 3 to 10 kilowatts, the rate of Rs.48600 will have to be paid.