Amazing health benefits of Watermelon


In this hot summer season, there is nothing better than juicy and thirst quenching red slices of watermelon. It is not only delicious but also very nutritious.

Watermelon has citrulline, an amino acid, which converts into arginine with help from the kidneys. It helps to reduce the accumulation of fat in our fat cells. Citrulline has the ability to block the activity of tissue-nonspecific alkaline phosphatase which makes our fat cells create less fat.

Improves Eye Health

Watermelon is a wonderful source of vitamin A in the body. It helps produce pigments in the retina of the eye and protects against age-related macular degeneration as well as prevents night blindness. Vitamin A also maintains healthy skin, teeth, skeletal and soft tissue, and mucus membranes.

Heart Care

The organic pigments found in watermelon improves cardiac functions. It keeps your heart young and prevents age-related cardiac problems. The roughage in water melon and its very low energy helps to keep a check on cholesterol levels and keeps your heart safe from a variety of dangerous conditions.

Prevents Heat Stroke

Watermelon is effective in reducing both your body temperature and blood pressure. Many people eat watermelon every day in the afternoon during summer to protect themselves from heat stroke. The high amount of water content in watermelon also stimulates release of excess liquid in the form of sweat, which cools your body further during hot summer days.

Helps heal wounds and check other skin problems

Watermelon is packed with the amino acid citrulline. It speeds the delivery of white blood cells to injury sites and spurs the growth of new skin tissue.


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