Fourlane update: committee will decide the speed for vehicles on the Kiratpur-Nerchowk four-lane

Four lane from above Gaggal airport

Shimla: The government will soon decide on the responses coming through various mediums on the Kiratpur-Nerchowk four-lane started on the trial base at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour for vehicles.

In this context, a committee has been formed by the Transport Department. This committee will submit its report after studying the four-lane, on which further decisions will be taken.

The speed limit for the new four-lane has been fixed by NHAI. Not only on social media, reactions are coming to the government through different mediums. It is under consideration.

It is expected that soon there will be a decision on the speed limit. Along with this, the police department has kept a close watch on the four-lane from the point of view of security and the speed of vehicles is being checked through Doppler radar and speedometer.

Overspeed vehicles are being challaned, under which the police team was deployed with Doppler radar and speedometer after the four-lane started on Sunday and in the meantime, 34 vehicles were challaned for overspeeding and flouting the rules while 49 were challaned on Saturday.

A total of 83 challans have been made and daily updates are being taken. Tourist police station is proposed to be built between Auhar and Bhaged on the four-lane, for which land has been selected and the further process has been started.

Police Department has written a letter to PHQ for approval of force deployment. After getting approval from that side, a dozen jawans will be deployed in the initial phase.

committee will decide speed vehicles Kiratpur-Nerchowk fourlane

At present, the police station will start in a rented building. The formalities fixed for starting the police station are being completed. On the other hand, according to Superintendent of Police Bilaspur Dr. Karthikeyan Gokulchandran, the four-lane trial has just been started. He has appealed to the tourists that there is a new route, so drive the vehicle following the traffic rules.

In this regard, Dr. Karthikeyan Gokulchandran Superintendent of Police Bilaspur says that at present a team has been deployed with Doppler radar and speedometer on the four-lane started on the trial base, which apart from checking the speed of the vehicles, challans those who disobey the rules.

83 challans have been made in two days. Apart from this, there is a plan to install ITMS and other CCTV cameras, for which the proposal is under consideration with the government.

Five ITMS will be installed on Fourlane

NHAI has installed 72 PTZ CCTV cameras on the four-lane which will check the speed of the vehicles. Apart from this, 54 ANPR cameras have also been installed.

It is proposed to install 54 ANPR cameras and 54 CCTV surveillance cameras by the police administration. Apart from this, five ITMS will be installed for which places have been identified.

ITMS will be set up at Karmala, near Sunnan Bridge, near Mandi Bharadi, Auhar, and outside Tehra Tunnel. Automatic challans will be deducted for those who violate the rules.

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