Himachal: Eighty students run anti-tobacco campaign, set world record



Students of the Moginand Senior Secondary School in Himachal Pradesh have set a world record by flying 7,730 paper planes in one minute. The planes were inscribed with an anti-tobacco message.

This record was set by eighty students of the Scout and Guide Unite of the school as part of a campaign against drugs.
The drive against drugs which was started on November 14, 2016 came to an end today.

“This is part of a community development project to shun tobacco which started on November 14 last year. Eighty boys and girls have set a world record by flying 7730 paper planes with a message on it to create awareness amongst youth against the drug,” said Sanjeev Atri, organizer of the drive and a teacher at the school.

The event was recorded live by the Golden Book Award Record of the United States.

The record was previously held by the students of Maria International School of New Zealand, where 87 students had flown 3,622 paper planes in a minute.

“These students of Moginand Senior Secondary School have broken an old record of Maria international School of New Zealand where 87 children had a record of flying 3622 paper planes in one minute,” said Alok Kumar, a representative of the Golden Book Award.

During the course of the campaign over 7,500 paintings and messages were conceptualized by the students.

“It is important for young generation to stay away from drug. We are doing a campaign against drug menace and today I am very happy that we have set a world record to send a message against drugs,” said Abhijeet, a participant in the campaign.