Now malaria will also end, CDL Kasauli approved Malaria Vaccine


The country’s first vaccine to prevent malaria has been prepared. The vaccine has been approved by the Central Drugs Laboratory (CDL) Kasauli. This vaccine named R-21 can now come in the market soon.

This vaccine is being considered as a revolutionary measure in the prevention of malaria. CDL sources said that six batches of the vaccine have been approved and given the green tick during the trials conducted at the Kasauli lab.

The vaccine batch has been confirmed to have passed on the CDL website. To prevent malaria, now people can be given a dose of vaccine.

In earlier tests, this vaccine has been found to be more than 70 percent effective against mosquito-borne diseases. It is not yet known how long this vaccine will provide protection against malaria.

Its price has not been disclosed yet. However, the greatest benefit of developing a vaccine would be a reduction in malaria deaths, as the vaccine would reduce the severity of malaria.

CDL officials said that in June they passed the vaccine batch and sent it to the company that developed it. After getting malaria, patients have to spend up to Rs 1,500 on treatment and have to take medicine for two weeks.

It takes up to three weeks for the patient to recover. However, malaria treatment is free in government hospitals. After vaccination, malaria will remain like normal fever.

Vaccine was passed in the clinical trial

R-21 vaccine has passed in the clinical trial. Its accuracy has been found to be better during clinical trials conducted in different places of the country. The production of the vaccine was approved after three clinical trials were successful.

Kasauli’s Central Lab is certified by WHO

Kasauli’s Central Drugs Laboratory is certified by the World Health Organization (WHO). In this lab, the effect and quality of every vaccine produced and imported-exported in India is tested.

Before being brought to the market, the vaccine comes to the CDL for testing. The Corona vaccine was also launched in the market only after getting the green tick from the CDL.

CDL officials said that in June they passed the vaccine batch and sent it to the company that developed it.