Gaggal Airport expansion will now match measles numbers

Feasibility report Gaggal airport expansion rejected

Shimla: For the expansion of Kangra airport, the measles numbers (Khasra) of the master plan will be matched in the next phase. For this, a surveyor will also be appointed by the Airport Authority of India.

During this, every aspect from the alignment of the plan prepared for the airport to the center line will be seen.

How much land is required and on which side from the center line, how much land will be acquired, all such aspects will be studied closely and finalized. Efforts have been intensified for the expansion of Kangra Airport which is important from the point of view of security and tourism.

In this episode, now a surveyor will also be installed here. From the center line of the airstrip to every detail on paper as well as on the ground, work is going on to remove the technical flaws.

Gaggal Airport Kangra

In such a situation, by looking at all the Khasra numbers on the land, from leveling the land to the buildings, trees and plants including potholes, drains and all other types of objects will be matched, so that the master plan can be brought to the ground.

There should not be any kind of trouble during the acquisition and no one should be harassed because of that. (hdm)

CWPRS Pune team will conduct the survey

DC Kangra Nipun Jindal said that the expansion of the airport will give new wings to tourism activities in the tourism capital Kangra.

He informed that after completing the formalities related to the expansion of Kangra Airport by the administration, it has been sent to the government.

The team from the Central Water and Power Research Station (CWPRS), Pune, will come here again this week for the survey.

He informed that during the expansion, a software has also been prepared by the administration in collaboration with NIC to efficiently carry out land acquisition, compensation allocation, rehabilitation, and related process.