Moving Multipurpose Stove: Now there will be no Pollution due to Burning of Wood, you will also get Relief From Diseases


These days the Inspire Standard Award state level competition is being organized in Hamirpur district. In this competition, 63 little scientists are presenting their unique models.

Among these young scientists, Vansh Rana, a student of a private school in Baddi, has also reached with his model. He has made a moving multipurpose stove. This wood burning stove weighing only 8 to 10 kg can be taken anywhere.

Vansh Rana, a student of a private school at Baddi in Himachal’s Solan district, has prepared a unique wood-burning stove. Along with environmental protection, this stove will also get rid of diseases.

Vansh Rana has named this unique wooden stove as a multipurpose stove. Vansh, studying in class VII, has presented in the ongoing state level competition in Hamirpur district.

Through the exhaust fan in the stove, 100 percent of the fire smoke will be pushed inside the chimney. This exhaust fan is installed inside the chimney. In this chimney itself, two mesh tin sieves of steel have been installed.

A sprinkler system has been installed between these two chimneys, which will not allow the fine particles flying through the pipe to come out of the chimney. In such a situation, the fine particles, which are the major cause of air pollution, will not be mixed in the air and environmental protection will also be encouraged.