Double Lane Tunnel will be Built between Kangra-Chamba; NH Wing Prepared Proposals, another Attractive Tunnel will be made


The second most attractive tunnel after Atal Tunnel in Himachal will be built between Kangra and Chamba. If the central government agrees, then the work for this tunnel will start in a planned manner in the upcoming financial year.

It is proposed to make the tunnel double-lane. For nearly three decades, the discussion on the Holi-Utrala tunnel has been raising headlines in the politics of the state.

This time the National Highway Wing of Public Works Department has prepared a big plan. This plan is being sent to Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari.

In fact, the Public Works Department has proposed to the Central Government to build the National Highway, the possibility of closure of the route during snowfall has been awakened.

In view of the possibility of heavy snowfall between Holi of Chamba and Utrala of Kangra, now the Public Works Department has advised to create a tunnel, so that the movement on this route can be 12 months a year.

The Public Works Department has proposed a tunnel at Surehi Pass. This tunnel is proposed just below the Jalsu holdings. With the formation of this tunnel, Bharmour will help in transporting fruits and vegetables to the outer state.

Those who turn to Chamba from low -lying areas will have to travel about 100 kilometers less. The proposal prepared by the former government has not been included in the tunnel. This proposal has also been given by the Forest Department NOC.

Actually, if this route is included in NABARD, then at a cost of just 10 percent, this most important route will be ready between Kangra and Chamba. Initially, an estimated expenditure of up to 50 crores is being spent in this route.

Public Works Department Chief Engineer Ajay Gupta said that there is heavy snowfall on the Jalsu holdings and makes this road a way to the mountain, even then it will be difficult to move in winter.

double lane-tunnel-will-be-built-between-Kangra-Chamba

In such a situation, a provision of tunnel has also been made in the report and has been sent to the Union Ministry of Transport and Highways, so that the movement between Kangra and Chamba can be possible for 12 months of the year. This is currently a proposal and the central government has to give its opinion on it.

Talk of Tourism Center of Kangra will be completed

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh has spoken on many occasions to make Sukhu Kangra a tourism hub. Here the state government is preparing to promote religious and adventure tourism.

In this episode, the proposed tunnel between Baijnath of Kangra and Holi of Chamba can prove to be important link. If this tunnel is formed, then those going from North India to Manimahesh Yatra will take less time.

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