3D model of Mata Shri Chintpurni Darbar prepared


The 3D model of the actual form of Mata Shri Chintpurni Ji Temple has been prepared. It was designed in collaboration with NIFT Kangra at Temple Trust Chintpurni.

On Thursday, it was shown near the temple lift on behalf of Deputy Commissioner Una Raghav Sharma as a sample. During this time other priests of the temple also saw this model.

The 3D model depicts the sanctum sanctorum of the temple and the Pindi form of Mata Rani. However, Deputy Commissioner Una has given orders to further improve this design.

Deputy Commissioner Raghav Sharma told that a memento of the real form of Mata Rani will be given as a gift to the chief guests and special guests visiting the temple, while any devotee can also ask for it from the temple trust and take it home.

He said that it would be prepared in different sizes as a memento. Its price will also differ according to the size. SDM Amb Vivek Mahajan, head of priest Baridar Sabha Ravinder Chhinda, priest Bhushan Kalia were also present on this occasion.