73 L doses ordered, Himachal to get only 1 lakh in May


The state is unlikely to get Covid-19 vaccine doses in near future for the mass vaccination of the 18 years and above age group. Sources said that the state government had placed an order for 73 lakh doses but was likely to get just one lakh doses this month.

Minister for Health Rajiv Saizal, who was here today, also admitted that the state would get just one lakh doses of the vaccine in the first phase this month. He said that the government had placed an order for 73 lakh doses but since there was a huge demand for the vaccine from all over the country, the manufacturing companies had rationalised supply. “Himachal is getting one lakh doses in the first phase and I hope that the supply will pick up in the coming months,” he added.

The sources said that the vaccination drive for 45 years and above going on in government hospitals for the past couple of months has slowed down. At some places in Kangra, people were complaining about not getting the second dose in time. Earlier, the district was getting 11,000 doses every day for the 45 years and above age group. However, the supply dropped to 6,000 doses per day due to which the second dose schedule of many people was getting delayed.

The minister said that for the 45 years and above age group, the state has enough quota of vaccine. “There is no shortage of vaccine for people who are to get the second dose,” he added.

CMO, Kangra, Dr GD Gupta said that there was some shortage of doses at the weekend. However, the supply had been streamlined and people shall get the second dose in time. He added that the change in the schedule of vaccine by health experts was creating confusion among people. Earlier, the second dose was given after 45 days while as per the new guidelines, it was now being given after eight to 12 weeks.

Meanwhile, the state government has allowed private hospitals to hold the vaccination drive. Some private hospitals have placed orders for the vaccine but none of them is likely to get it soon.

Source : The Tribune