Big Disclosure in the Paper Leak Case: The Papers of the Recruitments whose Results were not out, were also sold


A new revelation has come to light on the Himachal Pradesh Staff Selection Commission, which has given sleepless nights to the unemployed youth. Surprising things have come to light in the report submitted by the investigating agencies.

It has been learned that the papers for the recruitment whose results have not yet been declared by the Staff Selection Commission have also been sold.

The process of selling papers in the recruitment of the Selection Commission was going on for a long time. Don’t know how many such unemployed youths must have been there, who worked hard day and night to prepare for government jobs and today they are empty-handed because of some corrupt officers and employees.

Big disclosure paper leak case

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu himself has also said that this business was going on for the last five years and every time 60 percent of recruitments have been rigged.

It is noteworthy that some alleged corrupt officials of the Staff Selection Commission, who came into the limelight due to the JoA-IT paper leak episode, have sown such a seed of darkness in the golden future of the hill youth, which has now sprouted and is scaring them day and night in their dreams.

At present, two agencies are probing the paper leak case and their reports are making new revelations daily.

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu has said that this is a very serious matter, because the youth, the son or daughter of poor parents, used to think that they would get a government job.

For this they fill the form, pass the test and later it is known that the paper of the concerned recruitment has been sold,.. Certainly, it is a matter of investigation and the government is serious about it.

The CM said that we assure the youth that the government will bring a transparent formula and deserving candidates will get government jobs.