Boundary marking work completed for airport, land survey being done for expansion of Kangra airport

Dharamshala-Chandigarh air service start from 22nd September

Shimla: Land survey work for the expansion of Kangra airport is going on on war footing. Despite the indifference of the weather, the agencies engaged in this work have completed about 70 percent of the mapping work.

Not only this, the Airport Authority of India has also completed the work of boundary marking on the proposed land for the airport.

In such a situation, all aspects ranging from land, families, business institutions, and social survey of the concerned people are being examined in the survey to solve land-related matters within this boundary. If the weather is fine, this work will be completed by the first week of September.

Most of the land survey work has been completed for the expansion of Kangra Airport, which is considered important from the point of view of security and tourism.

Now only about 30 percent work is left, while more than 50 percent of mapping work has also come on record.

Boundary marking work completed airport land survey done expansion Kangra airport

On the other hand, Deputy Director of the Tourism Department Vinay Dhiman says that the state government and the district administration are serious about the expansion of Kangra Airport and the work of land survey is going on.

Deputy Commissioner Dr. Nipun Jindal says that most of the land survey work is in progress. Along with marking the boundary, the rehabilitation work is also in progress. (hdm)

Attention is being given to these aspects in the airport survey

It is being clarified in the survey that how much land is owned by a person and what is his Khasra number. On which land are the buildings built and their value.

All such basic parameters are being observed. During this survey, it is being seen that how many families are there on the concerned land, how many buildings are there, social impact, potholes, drains, all such aspects including the type of land are being looked into closely, so that the affected can get the right compensation. And the related land and buildings can also be assessed correctly.

During this, the complaints and problems of the people are also being resolved simultaneously. A report will be prepared on the basis of the survey as to who will get how much compensation.