Kiratpur-Manali four-lane sank up to one foot outside tunnel number two

Kiratpur-Manali Fourlane update

Shimla: Before the inauguration of the Kiratpur-Manali four-lane, tunnel number two has sunk in front of portal-1 by about one feet.

Heavy landslides have also occurred at the mouth of the tunnel and at various places, which has damaged the road. Although this part of the four-lane is still closed for traffic.

At the same time, the administration has argued that the four-lane has been damaged due to heavy rains. While people are questioning the quality of the four-lane. A bridge has been constructed in front of portal-1 of tunnel number two located at Thapna of sub-division Swarghat.

The four-lane at either end of the bridge has sunk about one to one and a half feet. At the same time, where this four-lane has sunk, a crack is also being seen in the crate wall installed on the edge.

Kiratpur-Manali Fourlane update

There has also been a massive landslide at the mouth of the tunnel. While there is a constant danger of landslides from the hill around it. The hill has been cut at 90 degrees at this place.

Sensing the danger of landslides, the administration has also kept the four-lane closed for traffic beyond Zakatkhana till further orders.

Beyond Zakatkhana, straight cutting of hills has been done at many places. Beyond Jakatkhana, landslides at Sunan, Jabal and Kairinya Jungle have caused heavy damage to the four-lane.

The construction company’s machinery is engaged to remove the debris that has fallen on the four-lane. But due to the sinking of the four-lane in the very first rain, questions have started to be raised on the quality of its construction.

Zilla Parishad Vice President Man Singh inspected the damaged four-lane. He told that the landslide has damaged the four-lane ahead of Zakatkhana.

The four-lane in front of tunnel number two has also sunk. Vehicles have not even started passing through the four-lane, but the sinking of the four-lane in this way raises questions on the quality. He has appealed to the people not to travel on the four-lane ahead of Zakatkhana.

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