Virbhadra Singh was against installing statues on the ridge, former mayor Sanjay Chauhan’s claim created panic

Virbhadra Singh was against installing statues on ridge

Shimla: While on one hand there is a stir within the Congress government regarding the installation of the statue of former Chief Minister late Virbhadra Singh on the historic Ridge Ground of Shimla, on the other hand, the claim of CPI (M) leader Sanjay Chauhan, who was the Mayor of Shimla Municipal Corporation, has created a stir.

Sanjay Chauhan has said that when he was Mayor, there was a demand in Shimla city that the statue of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar should be shifted from Chauda Maidan to Ridge Maidan.

Seeing the demand of the people, when the Mayor talked to the then Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh about this, Virbhadra Singh said that no more statues should be installed on the historic Ridge ground. This place cannot be made a museum.

Sanjay Chauhan says that that is why after that he had proposed to install the statue of Bhagat Singh in Summer Hill Chowk and that of Swami Vivekananda in Baluganj Chowk. These statues have also not been installed yet.

On the other hand, if we talk about the government, his son minister Vikramaditya Singh had offered to resign in a press conference, accusing it of not giving space to install Virbhadra Singh’s statue at the Ridge Maidan.

After this, now Education Minister Rohit Thakur has made the same demand for his grandfather Thakur Ramlal. He has said that he is not in favor of installing individual statues, but if the statue of one Chief Minister will be installed, then why not that of another?