Cabinet discusses batchwise recruitment, application on JBT-Shastri will be made in High Court first

JBT-Shastri Cabinet discusses batchwise recruitment

Shimla: The issue of batchwise recruitment to the posts of TGT, JBT and Shastri in the Education Department was discussed in the cabinet meeting held last Saturday. Education Minister Rohit Thakur had raised this issue as an informal discussion. However, the agenda note was not included.

In the same discussion, the cabinet was informed that the list of TGT is ready, but in the case of JBT and Shastri, appointment cannot be given without taking permission from the High Court. The cabinet thought that permission should be obtained by first applying to the High Court.

Then after that the appointment list should be released simultaneously in all three cadres. Therefore, the Advocate General has been asked to file this application in the week starting from Monday.

Considering the stance of the High Court, the government will take the next decision on this. If permission is obtained from the High Court, the Cabinet can also approve it in the next meeting.

On the other hand, thousands of candidates selected in counseling are afraid of the danger of their jobs getting stuck in the code of conduct of Lok Sabha elections.

In fact, after the implementation of the Code of Conduct, the chances of them being given appointments are less. The Election Commission of India does not normally give such permission.

This is the reason why these candidates want the list to be released soon. About 2500 candidates are to get jobs on batch wise basis in the three categories of JBT, Shastri, and TGT.

The electrician-veterinary pharmacist also waiting

The Cabinet has approved the appointment of an Ayurvedic Medical Officer selected from the Public Service Commission in September 2023. Some changes have also been made in the appointment formula.

They will get an appointment before the implementation of the Lok Sabha Election Code of Conduct, but the Veterinary Pharmacist in Animal Husbandry Department and the Electrician in Electricity Board are still waiting for the appointment.

Their examination results were also declared in September and October and the concerned departments have also completed the documentation process, but the appointments have not been received yet.